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Digital Engagement
Probation, Innovation & Geovation

The government is currently undertaking a review of the probation service and is encouraging probation trusts to be innovative

Why I Tweet
@SalfordCpayback: Why I Tweet (WIT#5)

Steve Dyson, @SalfordCpayback writes about how he uses photos in his Twitter account to promote the work Salford offenders do

On Probation
The Usual Suspects

This is @ZoeStaffsGMPT 4th post in an ongoing series about her life and learning as a probation officer. When I

Stop and Search and Replay

Stop and search has always been a controversial issue in the UK and friction point between

Getting back to basics

This post is written by Iona Joy, Head of Charity Effectiveness at New Philanthropy Capital and

Why I Tweet
@LifeinCustody: Why I tweet (WIT#3)

Kim Evans, @lifeincustody, ex-police officer, lawyer and commissioning editor at The Justice Gap, on why she tweets.  


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