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Sponsors select the most relevant category of the blog and contribute financially (on a monthly or yearly basis) to support Russell’s work on that topic. In return sponsors get to promote their services to the leading organisations and people in the criminal justice and substance misuse sectors.

Where a sponsor supports one category of posts, they get two “widgets” at the end of every post in that category; widgets can be text, image or video and link directly to any web-page the sponsor desires. This can be seen both on the website itself and in the email of every post which is mailed out to over 6,000 subscribers every day. Sponsors also get their logo (linked to a page of their choice) on the homepage.

Sponsors have no editorial input into the blog.

In addition, the Week in Justice, my weekly email digest of the main developments in criminal justice, is sponsored by specialist prison photographer Andy Aitchison.

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Andy Aitchison

Documentary photographer Andy Aitchison has been working within the UK prison sector since 2003. He has visited over 30 different prisons, covering all areas of the male, female, YOI, public and private estates.

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A world leader in probation and community corrections software applications, as well as prisoner self-service, case management and prisoner communications. Underpinned by biometrics it integrates seamlessly to deliver security, efficiency & value.

Get The Data

Provides Social Impact Analytics to enable organisations to demonstrate their impact on society. Cutting edge approach to measurement and evaluation is underpinned by robust method, rigorous analyses, and cost-effective data collection.

A suite of apps used in prison and on release provides help with education, employment, health and wellbeing as well as communicatingn between offenders and their supervising probation officers.


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