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Sponsors select the most relevant category of the blog and contribute financially (on a monthly or yearly basis) to support Russell’s work on that topic. In return sponsors get to promote their services to the leading organisations and people in the criminal justice and substance misuse sectors.

Where a sponsor supports one category of posts, they get two “widgets” at the end of every post in that category; widgets can be text, image or video and link directly to any web-page the sponsor desires. This can be seen both on the website itself and in the email of every post which is mailed out to over 5,000 subscribers every day. Sponsors also get their logo (linked to a page of their choice) on the homepage.

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In addition, the Week in Justice, my weekly email digest of the main developments in criminal justice, is sponsored by specialist prison photographer Andy Aitchison.

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My Sponsors

Andy Aitchison

Documentary photographer Andy Aitchison has been working within the UK prison sector since 2003. He has visited over 30 different prisons, covering all areas of the male, female, YOI, public and private estates. He has collaborated with most of the UK’s major criminal justice organisations to produce and share new work. Documenting and showcasing the incredible positive work that these organisations do in very challenging conditions. His images are used for a wide range of publications from gallery walls and books to national newspapers. To see more of his work and get in touch click HERE

Get the Data

Based in the UK and US, Get the Data provides Social Impact Analytics to enable organisations to demonstrate their impact on society. Our cutting edge approach to measurement and evaluation is underpinned by robust method, rigorous analyses, and cost-effective data collection. Our flexible project management approach allows us to tailor our approach to fit your requirements.

In delivering our Social Impact Analytics we offer a number of defined services that provide you with data to measure your impact, learn how to improve your service and, finally, prove your organisation’s impact on society. More about Get The Data.

Prison Consultants Ltd

Alongside former prisoners we also have former prison staff, including Prison Officers and a former Prison Governor who can be consulted to offer the view from the prison’s perspective. We offer a bespoke service to our clients, each consultation is undertaken with the utmost discretion and the understanding that each client’s needs are different, every case is identified as being unique.

We are here to help you help you through the whole legal process including any court appearance or prison sentence that this may result in. If you do go to prison we are here to help you and your family through what will be a traumatic experience. We shall help and advise you prior to any custodial sentence and shall be available for the duration of any sentence. More about Prison Consultants Limited

Socrates 360

Socrates 360 is a “virtual mobile mentor” specialising in providing interactive models for all users, with focus on engaging vulnerable groups. App available on Android and iOS devices. It’s never been easier to get fun and effective learning material right into the hands of your learners.  Socrates 360 is a complete solution for staff, work programme participants, prisoners, probationers, etc that combines engaging content, simple set-up and an easy tracking system for staff to monitor the results of independent study by viewing user progress data online.

We have a team of experienced staff including business experts, trainers, module developers & software developers, as well as teachers & educational/information writers. Socrates 360 is available via tablet, smartphone & PC. More about Socrates 360


With over 20 years’ experience in the criminal justice sector, Unilink is a world leader in probation and community corrections software applications, as well as prisoner self-service, prisoner/case management and prisoner communications. Unilink’s integrated suite of products provide a complete digital solution enabling efficient running of prisons and probation. Underpinned by biometrics it integrates seamlessly to deliver security, efficiency and value – while being proven to help rehabilitate prisoners. More about Unilink