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Read below for a simple and cost-effective way to recruit high calibre candidates in the drugs and crime fields.

Looking for good staff

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Cheap and effective recruitment

After a series of conversations with employers about their difficulties in finding good quality workers or volunteers even when placing expensive advertisements in the national media or using recruitment agencies. So, in Spring 2016, I launched a jobs board dedicated to recruiting staff in the drugs and criminal justice sectors.

Here’s three good reasons why the board can help you find high calibre staff at a fraction of your current recruitment costs:

Competitive pricing

Pricing is extremely competitive with individual adverts just £50 and adverts for community organisations (with less than 10 staff) totally free.

The real bargain however is for organisations who want to commit to make the blog part of their overall recruitment strategy with prices for unlimited adverts starting from £150 per year for small employers (10 – 99 staff).

Again, details are in the graphic below.

If you’re interested in advertising on my jobs board, please: Email me.


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