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Many of us like to keep up with the latest developments in criminal justice by reading a range of blogs. Some, like mine, are mainly factual, reporting on the latest research, policy and practice. Many others focus more on analysis and commentary, arguing for what a better world should look like.

All of the blogs listed below have been recommended by readers, almost all of them are focused on the UK. I realise that Probation Quarterly and the Prison Service Journal are not strictly blogs but they are full of invaluable information for people interested in justice so I have included them anyway.

I hope you enjoy reading them and I’m happy to update the list with your recommendations. Just Send me an email.

The BSC Blog

All about current issues on crime, criminology and criminal justice


The latest views and discussion from Clinks staff and guest writers

Crest Advisory

Crime and justice specialists

Crime Traveller

Examines crime and the criminal mind exploring crime research, criminal behaviour and the criminal brain.

Frances Crook

Chief Executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform, provides informal comments on the issues of the day.

Justice Gap

A magazine about law and justice - and the difference between the two.

The Longford Trust

A Big Conversation about Second Chances

On Probation

Jim Brown's "attempt to help explain the mysteries and magic that are part and parcel of probation".

Police Commander

Every contact leaves a trace

Prison Bag

In 2016 a filmmaker was jailed for 9 years. This is a family story from behind the scenes

Prison Service Journal

HM Prison Service peer reviewed journal.

Prison Widow UK

A platform for prison news, prisoners families and former offenders.

Probation Quarterly

The latest insights from probation practitioners and researchers.

The Tartan Con

The rants of an ex-prisoner

Tom Gash

Thinking differently about crime and decision making

Transform Justice

A national charity working for a fair, humane, open and effective justice system

Unlocking potential

Rob Allen analyses the latest justice policy 

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