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Everything you need to know about sentencing…

It’s not always easy to be clear about trends in sentencing. The fact that we have a two-tier system (Crown and Magistrates’ Courts) and that the number of people prosecuted in court has been falling can make it trickier to decipher changes. But it’s important that governments, researchers, policy makers, pressure groups and others all base their views on the facts.

The Ministry of Justice publishes a range of regular statistical bulletins and reports with up-to-date information, often underpinned by publicly available datasets. 

These can, however, not always be straightforward to access if you’re not used to MoJ systems.

Therefore, I’ve constructed this compendium of sentencing information which will be updated when the latest statistics are published.

You can either browse the whole collection of slides (see further down this page) or follow the links in the bullet points below to go to individual charts.

If you can’t see the visualisation below on your device, you can find it here.

Compendium last updated 30 January 2021

Criminal Justice Trends

Click below for up-to-date interactive charts using the latest official data.

Offender equalities

A wide range of prison statistics broken down by gender, ethnicity and age.


The latest caseload figures and trends, offender profiles and court reports.


Details of individual establishments, costs, population trends and safety in custody stats.


Compare sentencing outcomes, lengths and reoffending rates and index offences.

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