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Alcohol & Drugs

UK drug report 2017

European Drug Report puts the UK in a European context, highlights our high levels of heroin, cocaine & MDMA use and our troubling drug-induced mortality rate.

Alcohol & Drugs

Latest on European drug markets

New online resource from European Centre for Monitoring Drugs and Drug Abuse provides excellent concise overview of €24billion European drug markets.

Alcohol & Drugs

London is the cocaine capital of Europe

New wastewater analysis from SCORE and EMCDDA reveals that Londoner use more cocaine per head in the week than any other major European city.

Alcohol & Drugs

Concerns about drug-related infections

New publications from EMCDDA and Public Health England show high rates of hepatitis c (frequently undiagnosed) among injecting drug users.

Alcohol & Drugs

Paying drug users to stay in treatment

New systematic review from the EMCDDA suggests that “contingency management” (financially rewarding drug users) is effective at helping them stay in treatment.

Alcohol & Drugs

European drug markets – 2016 update

Europe, both as individual countries and, collectively, as the EU may have good intelligence about the way the European drug markets work but has limited impact on disrupting them.

Alcohol & Drugs

How is heroin produced?

This excellent new motion graphic from the EMCDDA provides a schematic overview of selected stages of a production process.

Alcohol & Drugs

The Internet and Drug Markets

One of the most interesting themes of the report is the exploration of the reasons why experienced drug users choose to use online drug markets rather than conventional sources of supply.

Alcohol & Drugs

Helping people with alcohol, drug & mental health issues

My experience in the UK is that despite repeated initiatives, the quality of co-ordinated treatment for those with alcohol and/or drug problems and mental health disorders varies markedly from area to area.

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