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How is heroin produced?

This excellent new motion graphic from the EMCDDA provides a schematic overview of selected stages of a production process.


The Internet and Drug Markets

One of the most interesting themes of the report is the exploration of the reasons why experienced drug users choose to use online drug markets rather than conventional sources of supply.


Preventing heroin deaths with take-home naloxone

New report from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs & Drug Addiction provides a comprehensive view on the importance of the overdose reversal drug naloxone


Helping people with alcohol, drug & mental health issues

My experience in the UK is that despite repeated initiatives, the quality of co-ordinated treatment for those with alcohol and/or drug problems and mental health disorders varies markedly from area to area.


What new drugs has the Forensic Early Warning System found?

FEWS obtained and analysed 2,074 samples over the year from the internet, headshops, music festivals, the police and health clinics in order to identify NPS which are present in the UK or being offered for sale in the UK market.


Best drug treatment practice in prison

The EMCDDA best practice portal is a valuable resource for commissioners, practitioners and researchers looking to ensure that their work is based on the best possible evidence.


Alternatives to punishment for drug using offenders

In summary, few countries in Europe have chosen to adopt widespread rehabilitative approaches, with most opting for simpler policies of decriminalisation or depenalisation — alternatives to prison, but not alternatives to punishment. The policies that are adopted are often carried out without robust monitoring or evaluation; large numbers of drug users are diverted from the criminal justice system in many European countries without any systematic follow-up.


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