prison safety

Prisons getting even more dangerous

Latest prison safety figures see a welcome drop in suicides but the worst ever figures for violence and self-harm.

Too many children unsafe in custody

Annual inspectors’ report reveals children in custody are locked up for too long, often feel unsafe and are frequently victimised.

Our prisons keep getting more violent

Latest (October 2017) prison safety figures continue to shock with the highest recorded levels of self-harm and assaults ever recorded.

Prison suicide rate doubles in four years

Latest prison safety stats show that the surge in suicides, self-harm and assaults are associated closely with the reduction of resources and staffing levels.

How the MoJ plans to improve prison safety

The MoJ puts officer-inmate relationships central to its plans to improve prison safety with one prison officer working with six individual prisoners.

Prison safety reaches new low

October 2016 Ministry of Justice Safety in Custody statistics show an unrelenting and rapid increase in the numbers of suicides, assaults and self-harm

Murder in prison

The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman investigates six homicides of prisoners in the last year – the biggest total in living memory.

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