More than a Blog

In addition to all the latest news and views on drugs and crime, the site also hosts a number of free resources to help readers working in the field

The main purpose of this site is to keep readers up to date with all the latest development – policy announcements; research; statistics and practice developments and innovations.

But the site also holds a number of more in-depth resources, all of which are free-to-access and/or download. These include:

You will also find a copy of the Criminal Justice Alliance’s Criminal Justice Dictionary if you need help with all the latest acronyms.

Although the resources were all developed by me, they rely heavily on contributions from a wide range of agencies. If you would like to suggest an addition or correction to any of these resource packs, please: Get in touch.

I hope you find the resources useful, just click on the links above in the text or on the slider below.

Russell Webster

November 2019