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On Probation

The official history of Transforming Rehabilitation so far

There have been concerns about the pace of change, about the danger of fragmentation and about IT systems. The MoJ has emphasised the importance of the voluntary sector in the CRC partnerships; however, they have been concerns about lack of clarity for that sector about what their role will be.

On Probation

Transforming Rehabilitation in Limbo

It will be interesting to see whether the picture of reducing reoffending services looks any different by the time of the next report. At the moment, the voluntary sector which works with offenders and their families are stuck in the same position as Dante’s virtuous pagans, not sure if the future will be heaven or hell.

On Probation

1st stage successful Transforming Rehabilitation bidders announced

The Ministry of Justice today (19 December 2013) announced the names of the 30 successful organisations who have cleared the PQQ stage of the Transforming Rehabilitation competition for the new probation contracts. The main newsworthy topics are the withdrawal of G4S and Serco from the competition, there is no official comment on whether they were pushed or jumped themselves and the inclusion of 11 potential Probation Service Mutuals in the list.

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