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Prisons go digital

Despite all the security challenges, the prison service is determined to modernise and equip staff and prisoners alike to thrive in a digital world.


10 shocking facts about prison in 2018

Latest Bromley Briefing charts the extraordinary rise in prison numbers over the last twenty years, inflation in sentencing and the social and economic consequences of overuse of custody.


Get prisoners out of cells and into jobs

Prison Reform Trust briefing argues for increased use of temporary release to enable prisoners to engage in work, training and education in the community.

Criminal Justice

10 things I learnt about offender equalities

NOMS annual offender equalities report reveals interesting facts about an ageing offender population with less temporary release & more prison adjudications


Reduction in temporary release harms resettlement

We know that employment is key to desistance from crime, surely the Prison Service should be doing everything it can to help prisoners reintegrate into the community and go straight?


12 things you didn’t know about the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015

The Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 is one of those wide-raging criminal justice acts which create numerous new offences, make substantial changes to sentencing and try to address lots of minor anomalies in a way that has become increasingly popular in the last two decades.


Justice Committee highly critical of penal policy

The Committee highlights under-resourcing again and says that unless staffing shortages are addressed and the backlog of risk assessments cleared, the new probation providers will be hampered “considerably” in their efforts to provide a better through-the-gate service and reduce reoffending.


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