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Criminal Justice

Crime under COVID

Crime stats for year to March 21 significantly affected by COVID. Big decrease in theft offset by rises in fraud & computer misuse.


Rise in the use of weapons

Crime levels stable Last week (19 January 2017), the Office for National Statistics published the latest crime figures for England and Wales which cover the


Five key things about new crime stats

There were more than 5.8m incidents of cybercrime in the last year, far higher than previously thought and enough to nearly double the headline crime rate in England and Wales.


Crime accounts for 1.5% of world GDP

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that drug trafficking, counterfeiting and many other forms of illicit trade bring in an estimated $870 billion every year.

Criminal Justice

Fewer but more serious offenders in the justice system

The total number of individuals who have been dealt with formally by the CJS in England and Wales, has been declining since 2007, and is now at a record low level (period 1970 to June 2015) with 1.71 million individuals dealt with in the 12 months ending June 2015.


How much crime do we solve?

There were six outcomes in the detections framework prior to April 2013, nine from April 2013 to March 2014 and from April 2014 there are a total of 19. This expansion in the number of outcomes follows a public consultation which aimed to make the recording of crime outcomes more transparent and reliable.


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