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Alcohol & Drugs

Interesting new drug facts (February 2017)

Latest round-up of the latest drug & alcohol facts and figures from Andrew Brown reveals plenty of good news including reduced police use of section 136.

Alcohol & Drugs

Where is cannabis most popular?

Data from the Crime Survey show that people in the West Country are more than 1 1/2 times more likely to smoke cannabis that those in the East Midlands.

Alcohol & Drugs

Regional drug preferences

Interesting drug map finds that Welsh people use more amphetamines, West Country folk more cannabis and Londoners take twice as many Ecstasy tablets.

Alcohol & Drugs

How many teenagers smoke cannabis?

Cannabis is the most frequently used drug in Europe, with 14.6 million young adultslifetime cannabis use using it in 2014. It was also the most commonly reported substance related to new admissions to drug treatment facilities across Europe in 2014 (37% cannabis, 28% heroin and 21% cocaine).

Alcohol & Drugs

What’s the impact of new US marijuana laws?

In Denver, marijuana-related hospital admissions, emergency department visits, and calls to poison control centers have all increased. At the same time, arrests for marijuana use/possession and admissions to substance use disorder treatment programs have decreased.

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