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Global Prison Trends 2020

Global prison trends in 2020

This year’s Global Prison Trends has been released at a crucial time as prisons worldwide are being pushed to breaking point by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The latest global incarceration figures

Global imprisonment figures from July 2018 make for fascinating reading; including the fact that Hong Kong has the highest proportion of female prisoners.


110,000 incarcerated in the UK

National Preventive Mechanism lays bare the extent of detention in the UK and that 70 people per month die while incarcerated.


Detailed profile of US prison population

The Prison Policy Initiative provides a detailed analysis of who is in prison across the complex US justice system & where reformers should focus their efforts.

On Probation

There are 3.9 million people on probation in the USA

You might think that 2.3 million people incarcerated is a lot of people, but that number only scratches at the surface. That number represents just the number of people imprisoned at any one time. Here’s what else PPI can teach us…

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