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Prison education cuts reoffending

This finding gives hope to the value of Mr Gove’s review; if the quality and availability of prison education can be improved, it appears that there are large numbers of prisoners committed to making a positive change to their lives with education a keystone to that progress.

On Probation

Effective interventions for women offenders

It is surprising that in 2015, there is almost no British research of sufficient high quality to inform best practice in reducing women’s offending. There is a particular need to develop an effective evidence base around what works in helping women to desist from violent crime.

Criminal Justice

Evaluating the impact of the Justice Data Lab

I can foresee a situation in the near future where the MoJ links its own funding to participation in the Justice Data Lab and puts pressure on other funders to do the same.

On Probation

A good life for people with complex needs

While overcoming difficulties was a part of their journey towards the good life, goals such as a home and healthy relationships were as important to these individuals as most people who don’t face their challenges. The report is enlivened by a range of collages which were the key tool used by participants to express their aspirations.

On Probation

The prospects for desistance

However, the MoJ and NOMS no longer have any control over the way in which the new Community Rehabilitation Companies deliver services and it will be up to these new probation providers has to whether desistance is really at the heart of their work to reduce reoffending and help offenders move towards a more positive lifestyle.

Alcohol & Drugs

Community sentences and re-offending

There is a clear evidence base to show that good relationships between offenders and their supervisors are important for the identification of needs, ongoing engagement with their sentence, and ultimately for rehabilitation. The research shows that successful supervision requires

On Probation

Swift and Certain Justice

In my view, implementing rapid sanctions alone is unlikely to promote reduced drug use or offending. Desistance and recovery rarely involve a simple, linear path to success. If every relapse is met with 5 days in custody, it is hard to envisage how offenders will achieve the long term stability and abstinence required to build a personally fulfilling and law-abiding lifestyle.


Prisoner voting in Britain and the US

The main argument in favour of allowing prisoners to vote is that we need to do everything we can to give offenders a stake in society and disenfranchising them merely adds to a general social exclusion and hinders the desistance process. But if the UK is out of step with Europe, the situation in the USA is far more extreme.

On Probation

The Desistance Framework

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) just published a new YouTube video which tells you everything you need to know about desistance in 5 minutes and 28 seconds. Featuring the “greats” of the field – Shadd Maruna, Fergus McNeill, Claire Lightowler & Stephen Farrall.

On Probation

Transforming Rehabilitation under the microscope

The latest edition of the British Journal of Community Justice is a special issue dedicated to Transforming Rehabilitation. It is more than double its normal length and has been made available for free online. You can also order the print edition for just £5 (+£2 p&p).

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