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Inmade celebrates quality prison-made products from around the world
New venture from Jacob Hill provides virtual shop front for prison produce

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Hope to prisoners and empathy to society

This is a guest post by Jacob Hill, founder of the offender employment social enterprise Offploy and co-founder of a new venture to celebrate quality prison-made products from around the world.

Celebrating quality prison-made products from around the world

When we think of alcohol brewed in prisons, it is hard not to picture illicit activity distilling hooch and moonshine which is sure to see an inmate receive a reprimand and even extra days added to their sentence. However, where one prison sees a punishable offence, another sees an opportunity to educate and offer employment. The young offender’s prison in Leiria, Portugal, has partnered with the Inclusus project, to launch a programme that teaches young offenders how to make their own brand of wine.

This training sees the learner understand how the fruit is grown as the young people are  taught to carefully harvest each grape from the prison’s vines by hand; They also learn from the project’s engineer about the fermentation of the grapes in the local winery and then proudly see their hard work when it is bottled and ready for consumption.

A new website

Inclusus Wine is now in the United Kingdom as launches the wine as their flagship product just in time for Christmas.

Inmade, a site that celebrates high quality products made by prisoners from all over the world was co-founded by Emily McCormick and Jacob Hill of Offploy – a social enterprise that supports people with convictions to secure employment.

On launching, Jacob Hill said

“We know how much potential prisoners have, regardless of where they are currently serving their sentence and we wanted to share this potential with society to show the world that people with convictions can contribute to society and have skills that can be employed on their release. Our hope is that Inmade will bring hope to prisoners and empathy to society.
We are reinvesting the majority of our surplus into activities that ensure the producers are receiving value through the sale of each product – this could be in the form of education, grants or support on release. It is important we invest in prison leavers to give them the best chance possible and prevent future victims of crime.”

In time for Christmas

Inmade is now looking to the future to launch more products made by prisoners including coffee, honey, chocolates, ceramics and woodwork.

Recent additions to the Inmade portfolio include:

  • Aylesbury Blend Coffee – ‘Redemption Roasters’ at HMP The Mount
  • Honey – ‘Bees Behind Bars’ at HMP & YOI Hull
  • Christmas Pudding Truffles – ‘ Grace Chocolates’ Supporting women in Scotland who have touch the criminal justice system
  • Solid Oak Chopping Board – ‘Rough Stuff’ at HMP The Mount


Inmade is currently in contact with prisons from all over the world to source new products and provide a virtual shop window for people in prison and in touch with the criminal justice system who are developing new skills and a flair for entrepreneurialism to help their desistance journey.

You can support by sharing the website with friends and loved ones ahead of the festive season.

If you have any ideas for future products you’d like to see or know of any prisons anywhere in the world that might want to sell products on our page, please let me know!

 You can contact Inmade by clicking Here

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