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2016 Drug & Alcohol review
Andrew Brown with a round-up of the most illuminating, often shocking drug and alcohol statistics.

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Most interesting things about alcohol and other drugs in 2016

This is the latest post in a series reproducing Andrew Brown’s regular slideshares of interesting new facts about alcohol and other drugs which he has unearthed from a wide range of reports.

Andrew works for MEAM/Making Every Adult Matter, the coalition of three national charities (Clinks, Homeless Link and Mind) who champion the cause of people experiencing multiple needs and who have been kind enough to allow Andrew’s monthly slideshares to be re-published here.

Andrew produces the slideshares every month without fail but today’s is a bonus post, highlighting 74of the most interesting drug and alcohol stats of 2016.

The ones that caught my attention are:

  • The very high proportion of high risk drug users in Scotland (slide 3);
  • Estimated worldwide monthly revenue for sales of drugs on the dark net (slide 11);
  • The high use of alcohol (possibly/probably as a form of self-medication) among those with bipolar disorder (slide 36);
  • The association between experience of abuse and dependence on drugs/alcohol (slide 45) and
  • Hospital presentations for acute drug poisoning in 16 European cities (slide 68)


You can follow Andrew on Twitter @andrewbrown365

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