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Criminal Justice

60% child arrests in London are BAME

The number of child arrests continues to fall, but the proportion of BAME children arrested is increasing. Lammy argues that police services should explain this


Prison punishments up 34%

The Howard League finds that prisoners were sentenced to almost 800 years extra imprisonment in 2016 via the adjudications system, a jump of more than a third.

Criminal Justice

Child arrests keep falling

The Howard League’s six year campaign to cut the number of children arrested has been an outstanding success.


The sad details of prison suicides

New interactive infographic from the Howard League show the chilling and tragic details of the ever-growing number of prison suicides.


Child arrests down 59% in 5 years

A 5 year campaign by the Howard League plus big changes in police approach to arresting children has led to the number of arrests more than halving since 2010.

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