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Individual online Twitter coaching


RW Twitter bird1Most people teach themselves Twitter.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

But just like learning to drive off-road, it’s easy to get some basic things wrong and confirm bad habits.



People on my social media courses often tell me variations on:

“I really enjoy Twitter but I’m not sure if I’m achieving anything.”

“I’ve got stuck tweeting the same old things.”

“I’m preaching to the converted, how do I get my Tweets out to new people”

Russell is offering a new online Twitter coaching service to enable you to get the most out of your use of Twitter in your work.

The service has three main stages.

Stage 1

You define what you want to achieve from your use of  Twitter, clarify your target audience and identify any particular learning needs.

Stage 2

Central to the coaching service is the individualised Twitter analysis that Russell will produce for you.

This is a three page (750 word) report which analyses everything about your Twitter presence including:

Your Twitter profile

Polishing your Twitter name, description and photo for maximum professional impact.

Your tweeting activity

Does the timing and frequency of your tweeting meet your objectives?

Your Twitter style

Do you engage, comment, post links, re-tweet?

What combination of twitter styles would best meet your goals?

Do you use hashtags effectively and liven up your tweets with multimedia?

Your followers

Who are your followers? Are they “good” tweeters, inactive or even fake?

Are you followed by key people in your target audience or by others who have influence with this group?


The report concludes with key, practical recommendations in each of these four areas:

  1. Maximising the impact of your Twitter profile.
  2. Best times for you to Tweet and how to get maximum impact from 10-15 minutes per day.
  3. Refining your tweeting style to reflect your goals – strategies, tips and techniques.
  4. How to get the audience you want and get them engaged.

Stage 3

One to one online coaching.

Every month:


Email me for an informal discussion.

See below for comments from other courses:




One of the quick outputs I can help you with, is your own bespoke Twitter animation on why people should follow you. Check out mine here.


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