Who will be running your probation service? FINAL

Confirmation of the new prime providers in the 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies introduced through the MoJ's Transforming Rehabilitation project

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Who will be running Community Rehabilitation Companies in 2015?

The MoJ announced the preferred bidders of the Transforming Rehabilitation competition to run the new 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies across England and Wales on 29 October 2014.

This was a preliminary list dependent on due diligence checks being completed over the next few weeks. On 6 November the MoJ announced that it couldn’t reach agreement with Geo Group who were the preferred bidder for Warwickshire and West Mercia and that it had entered into negotiations with EOS. EOS were later confirmed as the provider with the note that “Willowdene Rehabilitation Limited, a social enterprise, would be an integral part of their supply chain”.

On 5 December 2014, the eight new providers of probation were confirmed as shown in my map below.

As you can see, the big winners are:

  • Sodexo and NACRO have been successful in six CRCs
  • Interserve who are leading partnerships in five CRCs
  • MTCNovo, a Joint Venture between MTC and a number of other organisations, have won London and Thames Valley.
  • Working Links are the preferred bidders in three CRCs.
  • The Reducing Reoffending Partnership (a Joint Venture between Ingeus, St Giles Trust and CRI) will run the two large Midlands CRCs (Staffs & West Mids and Derby, Leicester, Notts & Rutland).

A probation staff mutual was part of the winning bid with Working Links although the mutual’s primary service delivery function will be in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall only. Two probation staff Community Interest Companies are part of the winning partnerships in Durham Tees Valley and London respectively.

I suggest you click on the map or download it to make it easier to read, especially if you’re on a tablet or phone.


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  1. A recent snapshot amongst prison officers at Leeds to find out how many had heard of Purple Futures, came back none had heard of them!!
    Something not quite right there.

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