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Let the Butler Trust know what types of prison, probation & youth justice information you'd like to see on their Knowledge Exchange site.

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Knowledge Exchange

Regular readers may remember that back in February, I plugged a new Butler Trust resource aimed at everyone who works in a criminal justice setting. The Knowledge Exchange is an online library of guidance and examples of best practice. The resource encourages users to suggest examples of best practice and guidance and allows users to search content by both source and sector. Since that date, I’ve become involved in helping find good content for the site.

The Butler Trust is very focused on ensuring that the Knowledge Exchange meets the needs of frontline practitioners in the prison, probation and youth justice sectors. Therefore it is keen to get feedback from as many people in the field as possible on what sort of information you would like to see on the Exchange.

We have therefore designed a very short survey (no, really it should take no more than 3 minutes to do) which asks:

  • What type of information you’d like to see on the Knowledge Exchange
  • What topic areas are most important to you
  • Whether you are likely to suggest content for the Exchange
If you’re the sort of person that likes to keep up with the latest best practice and information in the justice field, please take a moment to do the survey. Just click here.
Alternatively, you can complete the survey directly below.
Create your own user feedback survey

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