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On Probation

Young adults and parole

Rob Allen and Laura Janes on their new report on young adults and parole.

On Probation

Transitional Safeguarding

Transitional Safeguarding – a more fluid approach which recognises that transition to adulthood goes beyond an 18th birthday.

Criminal Justice

Maturity in the Magistrates’ court

Magistrates Association calls for all young adult defendants’ maturity to be assessed before court and training for magistrates.

young offenders playing cards

Prisons failing young adult offenders

Prison inspectors find prisons fail to deal effectively with young adult prisoners, missing opportunities to help them rehabilitate.

Criminal Justice

The voices of young adult defendants

The Centre for Justice Innovation piloted a procedural fairness approach with young adult offenders in Magistrates’ Courts.

Criminal Justice

We need sentencing principles for young adults

Howard League report recommends that principles should consider the relationship between immaturity and blameworthiness, capacity to change, and the impact of race and histories of care.


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