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I ain't perfect

What are rehabilitative adjudications?

New HMMPS research evaluates rehabilitation adjudication pilots in four English prisons and finds value in this procedural justice approach.

Prison gate HMP Aylesbury

Justice does not stop at the prison gates

The Howard League launches a new programme encouraging people to think differently about what happens behind bars with a briefing on procedural justice.


How fair are our prisons?

New HMPPS research on prisoner and staff perceptions of procedural justice in prison.

Criminal Justice

Procedural fairness for young adults at court

A new court model from Centre for Justice Innovation & T2A draws upon research that has shown young adults’ brain development and maturity makes them a group distinct from both children and from fully mature adults.

Criminal Justice

Race and distrust in the justice system

Centre for Justice Innovation report shows how BAME distrust in the justice system results in a compounding of discrimination and calls for community justice.


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