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Is prison reform stalled?

In her 1st appearance before the Select Committee, new Justice Secretary Liz Truss refused to confirm or deny the imminence of a prison reform bill.


How can we make our prisons safer?

The Justice Committee finds that overall levels of safety in prisons are continuing to deteriorate and demands a MoJ/NOMS action plan with quarterly updates


The latest on prison reforms

Summary of Michael Gove’s appearance before the House of Commons Justice Committee setting out his plans for penal reform.

On Probation

Justice Committee questions government commitment to women offenders

This is a short and slightly disappointing report which seems intended merely to place a marker for the next government. Little substantive work has taken place since the Justice Committee’s initial enquiry into women offenders in March 2013. As a consequence, the report is reduced to expressing the hope

On Probation

Justice Committee on creating a probation market

The Committee expressed reservations that the MoJ would be able to run an effective competition process with the required level of transparency. It noted that a number of significant components of the programme had not been finalised. This issue was related to one of the Committee’s overall findings that the whole TR programme is being implemented too fast and without sufficient consideration and, where appropriate, piloting.

On Probation

Justice Committee on payment by results

There was also concern that there would be insufficient investment in TR to enable providers to reduce reoffending – particularly with the extension of probation to short term prisoners. Ideally, the payment mechanism should incentivise providers to take risks and develop new approaches to reducing reoffending. If these approaches are successful, society (through less crime), the taxpayer (less demand on services) and the new providers (PbR bonus payments) all benefit.

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