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Recreational drug use in the UK

Dame Carol Black’s Review of Drugs looks at the latest trends in recreational drug use in the UK and finds recent increases in the use of cannabis and powder cocaine.


Interesting new drug facts (December 2016)

Latest round-up of new research from Andrew Brown drills down into substance misuse treatment data and needs of young people in custody.


Regional drug preferences

Interesting drug map finds that Welsh people use more amphetamines, West Country folk more cannabis and Londoners take twice as many Ecstasy tablets.


Young adults are using more Ecstasy and legal highs

Young people’s choice of substances changes rapidly in response to fashion and availability (and price). It will be interesting to see whether the current generation of young drug users reduce their usage as they get older to the same extent as previous generations appear to have done.


What illegal drugs does Europe produce?

It seems likely that the relative ‘drought’ of ecstasy on European markets in 2008–2009 was caused by successful international cooperation and law enforcement efforts in both Europe and Asia that targeted the suppliers of the main ecstasy precursor, PMK.


UK has highest rates of drug use in Europe

The UK had the highest rate of heroin use in Europe (out of 21 reporting countries). The UK had the highest rate of cocaine use in Europe (out of 26 reporting countries). The UK had the highest rate of ecstasy use in Europe (out of 25 reporting countries). The UK had the 22nd highest rate of amphetamine use (out of 25 reporting countries). The UK had the 22nd highest rate of cannabis use (out of 27 reporting countries)


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