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Ever since this blog started getting popular (it now has almost 5,000 subscribers who receive daily emails), I’ve started to get regular correspondence from readers asking where to find different pieces of information.

I try to help out if I can but I thought there might be more value in developing a more comprehensive resource which is regularly updated.

So, below is my first attempt.

It focuses on prisons and will grow over time but as of today you can:

  • Search for any prison by name and see when it was founded, what sort of prison it is (local, trainer etc.), who it serves (gender and adult/YOI), when it was founded, its capacity and whether it is publicly or privately run (Slide 2)
  • The annual cost per prison place in every establishment in England and Wales (Slide 3)
  • The date that every prison was opened (Slide 4)
  • The average annual prison population every year since 1900 (Slide 5)
  • The average annual MALE prison population every year since 1900 (Slide 6)
  • The average annual FEMALE prison population every year since 1900 (Slide 7)
  • Changes in prison staffing since 2010, including information by different bands (Slide 8).
  • Rates of self harm in prison (broken down by gender) since 2004 (Slide 9)
  • Assaults in prison (broken down by gender) since 2000 (Slide 10)
  • Deaths in prison (broken down by natural, self-inflicted, homicide) since 2009 (Slide 11)
  • Male deaths in prison (Slide 12)
  • Female deaths in prison (Slide 13)

If you can’t see the visualisation below on your device, you can find it here.

As usual, thanks to Andy Aitchison for kind permission to use the header image in this post. You can see Andy’s work here.

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