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Why I Tweet
Twitter is the local pub, the street corner, the groves of academe… @PrisonerBen on why he tweets

Twitter. 140 meaningful characters. Daft idea…. Having fought a brutal battle to be allowed to blog from prison and watching the media develop, one of the few conscious decisions I made on release was to embrace the possibilities of digital communication with all the vigour of a randy Alsatian. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, the blog, all sprang to life fairly quickly and with astonishingly little thought. But the idea of compressing anything meaningful into 140 characters seemed utterly absurd. All the more so given that my writing style can veer unexpectedly into the flowery and verbose. And yet it seemed a challenge worthy of rising to.

Digital Engagement
Police and Social Media – where next?

This is the last in a series of posts based on the recent COMPOSITE report on police use of social media across Europe. One of the interesting realisations I’ve made in writing these posts is the constant evidence of how British police are leading the way in Europe in their adoption and effective use of social media. Mike Downes keeps a watching brief on UK police use of social media and found that between January and February this year, there was more than a 10% increase in the numbers of people following police Twitter accounts bring the total number of followers to 1,041,850.

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