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Over the last couple of months I wrote a series of ten blog posts to provide guidance for probation and police staff on how to make the most of Twitter.

The contents were relevant to anyone who wants to Tweet primarily about their work, whether officially or anonymously, although most of the examples of best practice are drawn from some of the most effective and personable Tweeters from the criminal justice world.

I have now given them a good edit and pulled them together into a free guide, “How to be Twitterfective in 10 easy steps”.

It starts with chapters on choosing your Twitter Name, Profile Picture and Twitter Profile before going on to talk about what makes a good Tweet. The following chapters look at the art of re-tweeting and discuss how to schedule and organise your tweets and liven them up with pictures and video before concluding with advice on how to measure the impact of your Tweeting.


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The guide is not prescriptive.

One of the glories of Twitter is the way that people evolve their own styles and approaches.

I have only two core principles which I recommend you apply to every tweet:

  1. Say something interesting
  2. Say it in an interesting way.

The guide is practical-minded and was really written with three goals in mind:

  1. To provide easy access to all the little Twitter tips and conventions that most of us pick up by trial and error along the way.
  2. To help new Tweeters think through what they want to get out of Twitter and how to achieve those goals by the way they tweet.
  3. To showcase some of the best Tweeters, so that readers can learn from their different Twitter styles.

I have taken this last goal further and tomorrow marks the launch of  a new series of posts written by a diverse group of police and probation tweeters around the theme of “Why I tweet”.

I hope you find the guide useful. If you would like it in PDF format, please Email me and I will be happy to send it on.


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