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An excellent graphical history of drug treatment
Very detailed and informative infographic summarising the last 30 years of cultural and political shifts in drug treatment in England & Wales from Lifeline.

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Lifeline recently (February 2017) published an excellent infographic crammed with information on the way drug and alcohol treatment services have been funded over the last 30 years.

It contains information on how the various cultural and political shifts over that time have altered the expectations on these services.

You can find the original here but I have replicated the two pager in the images below:

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  1. Great graphic, I was lucky enough to work for the NTA in the heady days of harm-minimisation orientated treatment and the one below shows why I left. Awful to see that drug related deaths are increasing. But it is missing anything on acquisitive crime, which is commonly drug related also. My suspicion is that that is also increasing, hence Scottish police advocating heroin on prescription?

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