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Criminal Justice Quiz Easter 2021

Russell Webster's traditional Easter criminal justice quiz

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Test your knowledge

Regular readers will know I punctuate the year with three Quizzes – August Bank Holiday, New Year and Easter. So here is this year’s Easter offering. It’s a simple multiple choice test about anything and everything to do with the criminal justice system.

I hope that this Easter marks a definitive step in our journey to lifting lockdown.

Good luck and do share your results on social media especially if you have bragging rights to announce.


Congratulations. Your knowledge of the criminal justice system is outstanding.

Never mind. Better luck next time.

#1. The probation service is being re-unified later this year with the CRCs being re-absorbed into the NPS. But what's the date for the reunification?

#2. The prison population was 83,052 on the last Friday in March 2020. How many people were in prison on the last Friday in March this year?

#3. The Crown Court backlog of cases at the end of March 2020 was 40,469. What was the backlog on 31 December?

#4. The new probation model has been finalised, but what's its acronym?

#5. According to research by the Forward Trust, what percentage of prisoners gamble while they are in prison?

#6. The modern probation service was created by the Probation of Offenders Act, but what year was the Act passed?

#7. On average how many children are in custody in England and Wales at any one time?

#8. Gypsy, Roma & Traveller women make up 0.1% of the general population. But, what proportion do they make of the prison population?

#9. How many people in prison tested positive for COVID up to 21 March 2021?

#10. How much will the measures in the current Police Crime Sentencing & Courts Bill cost to implement per year?


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