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Interesting drug and alcohol facts September 2016
Latest round-up of drug & alcohol stats from Andrew Brown focuses on the number & types of online drug sales and emergency hospital admissions for drug toxicity

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Drug sales on the internet and darknet

This is the latest post in a monthly series reproducing Andrew Brown’s monthly slideshare of interesting new facts about alcohol and other drugs which he has unearthed from a wide range of reports.

Andrew works for MEAM/Making Every Adult Matter, the coalition of three national charities (Clinks, Homeless Link and Mind) who champion the cause of people experiencing multiple needs and who have been kind enough to allow Andrew’s monthly slideshares to be re-published here.

This month’s slides focus on hospital admissions for drug overdoses across Europe; the amount of money spent on drugs on internet cryptomarkets and the number of casualties in British drink drive accidents.

Among other things I learnt that:

  • The number of serious injuries in drink drive accidents continues to fall;
  • In the last three years the number of listings for drug sales on the dark net has increased six-fold;
  • 45% of people surveyed said they would stop drinking if their long term romantic partner asked them to (40% said they wouldn’t); and
  • Almost one quarter of emergency hospital admissions for drug toxicity in Europe relate to heroin and other opioids.



You can follow Andrew on Twitter @andrewbrown365
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