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Criminal Justice Quiz Summer 2023
Russell Webster's traditional Bank Holiday criminal justice quiz, Summer 2023 edition.

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Regular readers will know I punctuate the year with three Quizzes –  New Year, Easter & August Bank Holiday. So here is your Summer 2023 edition. It’s a simple multiple choice test about anything and everything to do with the criminal justice system. All the answers are to be found somewhere on this blog I hope the sun is shining wherever you are when you test your knowledge of the CJS.

Good luck and do share your results on social media especially if you have bragging rights to announce.


Thanks to Ivan Aleksic  for kind permission to use the header image in this post which was previously published on Unsplash

and to Andy Aitchison for kind permission to use the prison images in many of the questions. You can see Andy’s work here

#1. What is the aim of the Healthy Identity intervention?

#2. Who is the current Justice Secretary?

#3. Last year how many women were sent to HMP Bronzefield owing to lack of mental health beds in the community?

#4. Prison inspectors rated 30% prisons good for release planning in 2019/20? What % in 2022/23?

#5. How many assaults were there in the children's estate in 2022?

#6. How many people were known to be sleeping rough 3 months after prison release in March 2023?

#7. What does the IDEAS approach to youth justice stand for?

#8. What is the average length of time children are detained in police custody?

#9. What percentage of people on probation are current or previous perpetrators of domestic abuse?

#10. By how many had the prison population grown this year by 11 August?



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