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Russell Webster's traditional Bank Holiday criminal justice quiz, Summer 2022 edition.

Test your justice knowledge

Regular readers will know I punctuate the year with three Quizzes –  New Year, Easter & August Bank Holiday. So here is your Summer 2022 edition. It’s a simple multiple choice test about anything and everything to do with the criminal justice system. You can find all the answers on the pages of my blog – but that would be cheating! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are when you test your knowledge of the CJS. This is a bumper edition with 11 questions instead of the traditional 10.

Good luck and do share your results on social media especially if you have bragging rights to announce.

#1. How much has it cost to convert Medway STC to our first secure school?

The original cost estimate was £4.9m

#2. How many people are in prison across the whole world?

This 2021 figures is a rise of 24% since 2000.

#3. How many Crown Court cases were outstanding on 31 March this year?

The figure for March 2020 was 41,068

#4. "Gemini", the new tagging case management system had to be written off. How much did it cost the taxpayer?

The National Audit Office also says that the effect of tagging on these outcomes remains unproven

#5. What is the most common offence group when gambling is mentioned in police records?

45% recorded crimes where gambling is mentioned are in the violence against the person category, almost double the proportion (24%) in the theft category.

#6. The MoJ has agreed not to release some vulnerable prisons on a Friday. But who decides?

We are still waiting for new legislation before early releases can be sanctioned.

Image © Andy Aitchison

#7. Who is the prisons and probation minister?

Mr Andrew moved to the MoJ during Boris’ last reshuffle following his resignation.

#8. How many people were subject to MAPPA on 31 March 2021?

This is a 70% increase over the last decade.

#9. What percentage of prison officers left the service last year?

Half of those who left had been in the role for less than 3 years.

#10. What is the average annual cost of a prison place?

The cost of a prison place reduced by 13% in real terms between 2009–10 and 2020–21.

#11. Probation officers are expected not to take things at face value. But what is this quality called?

Professional curiosity needs time & space to develop relationships



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