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Russell Webster's traditional Bank Holiday criminal justice quiz, Easter 2022 edition.

Test your justice knowledge


egular readers will know I punctuate the year with three Quizzes –  New Year, Easter & August Bank Holiday. So here is your Easter 2022 edition. It’s a simple multiple choice test about anything and everything to do with the criminal justice system. I hope the sun is shining wherever you are when you test your knowledge of the CJS.

Good luck and do share your results on social media especially if you have bragging rights to announce.

#1. What was HMPPs total budget (net expenditure) for 2020/21?

#2. According to the latest figures (Jan-Mar2021) what percentage of eligible prisoners are released on Home Detention Curfew?

#3. 62% of custodial sentences imposed on men are for 12 months or less. What's the figure for women?

#4. Just 8% crimes recorded by the police lead to a charge or summons. What proportion end in an Out of Court Disposal?

#5. How many people serving short (<12 months) prison sentences were recalled in the year to June 2021?

#6. What proportion of people in prison are on remand?

#7. What proportion of children remanded to custody did NOT subsequently get a custodial sentence?

#8. What proportion of children cautioned or sentenced for 11-14 offences were known to social services?

#9. What proportion of Youth Offending Services inspected last year were rated as "good" or "outstanding"?

#10. Last year there were 483 lifers in France. How many were there in England & Wales



Congratulation you passed!

Better luck next time!

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  1. 74% of children remanded to custody do not receive a prison sentence, what a shocking statistic.
    Why are we unnecessarily locking up children?

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