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The State of the Drug Treatment Sector

Survey respondents were asked to identify the top three priorities and challenges for their own services. Nearly 60% said that funding and service capacity was a priority; and about one third were concerned about both the frequency and quality of the recommissioning process, and staffing levels and morale.


US tweeters resolve to smoke more marijuana in 2014

Although I tend to agree with the arguments of those who contend that the War on Drugs has caused more problems than it has solved, I’m still instinctively sceptical about the merits of legalising drugs on the basis that it’s always a lot harder to get the genie back in the bottle.


Drug treatment helps recovery but is not enough on its own

Measuring drug recovery is problematic, to say the least. Recovery from drug dependence is, like desistance from crime, rarely a linear process and typically includes lapse and relapse over many years. Different people choose different recovery goals: some people remain abstinent from all substances for life; others continue to use occasionally; or replace drug dependence with a reliance on alcohol.


Can sobriety bracelets help tackle domestic violence?

The bracelet itself looks like a slightly larger version of a normal electronic tag. The sensor on the tag has to be next to bare skin because the “transdermal” technology works by analysing perspiration. When alcohol is consumed, approximately 1% is not metabolised but is excreted through the skin via perspiration.


DrugScope on compulsory drug testing and Transforming Rehabilitation

Marcus Roberts, Director of Policy for DrugScope, gives his views in the latest in a series of interviews about the MoJ’s probation reform programme: Transforming Rehabilitation. Marcus welcomes the ambition and potential of TR but expresses concerns about a number of key issues:


The real cost of the war on drugs

In 2011, fewer than half of all violent crimes in the USA found any resolution. An alarming 59% of rape cases and 36.2% of murders in the United States are never solved. Why are so many violent criminals walking free? Professor Alex Kreit suggests that U.S. police forces should stop focusing so much of their resources on enforcing drug laws…


How drug treatment is following drug dealing onto the internet

The internet has revolutionised the way that drugs are created and sold. There is an increasing number of online drug dealing sites and now treatment is getting in on the online act with a proliferation of computer assisted therapies.


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