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Kent Probation Chief @sbilliald says Twitter helps her leadership (#WIT31)

Sarah Billiald is Chief Executive of Kent Probation and leads on Communication for the Probation Chiefs Association.   Tweets by @sbilliald Read your timeline like a magazine Like many people I am a recent convert to twitter (started January 2012) initially not understanding the appeal, which is odd because I’m a big fan of “communications” […]

Blog curator and iconoclast @Cate_a_moore on why she tweets (WIT#30)

 Cate Moore is the curator of many voices blog and has been described memorably as “pragmatism and experience wrapped in a sauce of civility and dignity’”.   Tweets by @cate_a_moore Why I Tweet Two years ago I thought Twitter was for people who wanted to tell total strangers what colour socks they put on that […]

Leicestershire Chief Constable Simon Cole on why he tweets (WIT#28)

In addition to heading Leicestershire Police, Simon is also the ACPO national lead on Mental Health and Disability, as well as the ACPO lead on Local Policing and Partnerships.   Tweets by @CCLeicsPolice Getting started I have to confess that I first set up a Twitter account about 14 months ago because my Comms team […]

Sam Chapman, Police & Crime Commissioner expert, on why he tweets (WIT#26)

Sam Chapman, @topofthecopscom, has worked as a police officer and community safety partnership manager over a long career in criminal justice. He currently runs a successful website dedicated to Police and Crime Commissioners.   Tweets by @TopOfTheCopsCom Tweeps are people too I tweet because I’m a junkie – a news junkie, that is. I started with twitter […]

Barbara Hamilton Bruce (@bhamiltonbruce) in-house lawyer on why she tweets (WIT#25)

Barbara Hamilton Bruce (@bhamiltonbruce) is an in-house lawyer, who also blogs her own version of the truth.   Tweets by @bhamiltonbruce Getting started Quite some time ago I was asked by Neil Rose (of Legal Futures fame) to contribute to an article in the CILEx Journal (subscription service for Chartered Legal Executives) on the subject […]

Up your Twitter game with thinglink

Livening up your Tweets If you’re tweeting for work, it can be easy to get stuck in a groove and end up just tweeting links or re-tweeting the same people so that not just your followers, but you, yourself can get a bit bored. Of course the best way to engage with your twitter followers […]


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