Reader Feedback

The blog was launched in 2011 and has continued to evolve to try to meet the needs of readers more fully. Reader feedback has been key to this process…

Subscriber views

In January 2017, I sent a short survey to over 2,000 subscribers to get their views on what they like about the blog and what could be improved.

I’m very grateful to the 157 people who found the time to fill the survey in. The main findings are summarised in the infographic below (apologies to the 16 people who said they’d like fewer infographics!).

Overall, most of you were very happy with the content, and liked the way the blog stimulated a series of debates and discussions informed by the latest evidence.


Interestingly, most people wanted more content of a range of types on a number of topics (see infographic for details) while at the same time a number of people felt slightly overwhelmed by the amount of information heading their way and, in an ideal world, many would like more control over which posts they received.

Responding to the challenge

I’ve already taken a number of actions to meet your demand for more of certain types of information:

  • I have just launched the Innovation Showcase section which features the latest apps and other technological developments.
  • I am also in the process of organising more guest bloggers to join Tom Gash and Jack Cattell.
  • If your agency has an example of best practice that you’d like to share, I’d be keen to add it the likes of Jobs, Friends, Houses which recently featured.

However, the biggest challenge you’ve set me is to produce more content but let you pick and choose what categories (drugs and alcohol, policing, probation, prisons etc.) you receive.

I can definitely meet this challenge but it will require me to invest both more time and more money into the blog, both of which are in short supply at the moment.

Your organisation can share in the success of the blog and help me improve it further by:

  1. Advertising on the jobs board (rates start from £50 per job or £150 for unlimited ads for a whole year)
  2. Joining my current sponsors to ensure that you target influential people in your key markets
  3. Advertising your training, conferences or publications on the Week in Justice.

Please Get in touch if you’re interested in supporting the blog.

And finally

I’d like to assure you that I am very grateful for the more than 500 individual comments you made on different questions and can promise you that they’ve all been logged and contemplated and, I hope, you will recognise many of your suggestions reflected in blog posts in the coming months.

Any blog can (obviously) only survive with the engagement and interest of its readers, so I’d like to express my sincere thanks again to all of you who made the effort to do the survey.


21 March 2017

[If the infographic doesn’t show up on your device, you can see it in full here.]