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Big rise in anti-muslim incidents
Report from Tell MAMA shows an alarming rise in the number of anti-Muslim incidents in the UK, most frequently perpetrated by men against Muslim women.

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Street-based incidents up over 300%

report published earlier this summer from Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) revealed the alarming number and year on year increase of anti-Muslim incidents seen in the United Kingdom in 2015. Some of the key facts from the report are set out below:

Offline figures trebled in the 2015 calendar year:

The number of offline incidents  trebled from 146 in 2014/15 (12 months to March 2015) to 437 ‘offline’ incidents in the 2015 calendar year. This shows an increase of 300 per cent and there was an increase over time on the previous reporting period by 200 per cent.

‘Offline’ incidents happened in-person between a victim (or property) and a perpetrator.

Anti-Muslim hate impacts Muslims when they travel, shop and socialise in public

Tell MAMA data show that the hotspots of anti-Muslim hate occur when Muslims use public and private transport networks, walk in public spaces of cities, and where they do their shopping.

The largest proportion of victims are Muslim women, perpetrators are overwhelmingly male

Muslim women are more likely to be attacked than men in most settings. The largest proportion of perpetrators are white males. This means that the largest proportion of incidents involves Muslim women, usually wearing Islamic clothing – be it the hijab, abaya or niqab.  Verbal abuse from men often carries misogynistic, racist and Islamophobic overtones.

Verbal abuse and assaults were most common incident types in offline cases

Of the ‘offline’ cases, 219 involved verbal abuse and 74 involved assault (including common assault, battery, as well as attempted and grievous bodily harm).

Statista have produced the infographic below, summarising the disturbing findings:
Infographic: Anti-Muslim incidents in the UK | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

You can follow @TellMAMAUK on Twitter.

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