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An A-Z of key research messages
The probation inspectorate publishes an A-Z of key research messages to build a common understanding of key concepts in probation and youth justice

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Key research messages & concepts

Over the last five or so years, the probation inspectorate has massively increased its research output. It has explicitly set out to review, develop and promote the evidence base for high-quality probation and youth justice services and has gone about this via a wide range of initiatives:

In order to help probation and youth justice staff (and other stakeholders such as policy makers) get as much value as possible from this range of research outputs, the inspectorate has just published an A-Z of key research messages and concepts, with accompanying links to further reading.

The guide is accompanied by the infographic I have reproduced above which demonstrates the necessary ingenuity in producing any A-Z with the tricky X&Y dealt with together in a cautionary piece which differentiates between correlation and causation which tabloid editors and politicians would benefit from reading.

The guide covers a wide range of issues and very helpfully backs up the short explainers with links to more substantive reading. The guide is likely to be of benefit to a wide range of people, not least those undertaking the PQiP to become probation officers who will have an authoritative definition of such key concepts as desistance and the Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) model.

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