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Helping young adult prisoners

The SPCR study has spawned a new MoJ report on the characteristics and needs of young adult (18-20 years old) prisoners and helps to inform resettlement planning.

On Probation

The needs of older prisoners

There were 11,000 prisoners of this age incarcerated in June 2014, representing about 13% of the prison population. Indeed, over the last 10 years (2004 – 2014) prisoners aged 60 or over were the fastest-growing age group (125% increase) followed by those aged 50–59 (104% increase).

On Probation

Re-offending on release from prison

SPCR is a longitudinal cohort study of 3,849 adult prisoners in England and Wales sentenced to up to four years in prison. Interviews were conducted with offenders on reception to prison, in the weeks prior to release, and in the community approximately two months after release. Participants were matched to the Police National Computer (PNC), allowing reconviction rates to be calculated.

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