In the last post of my how to get the most out of Twitter series, I looked at assessing the impact of your Tweets.

I discussed a whole range of utilities which promise to measure how influential you are on social media.

I confessed to having dabbled with Klout, PeerIndex and Kred which all claim to analyse your social media activities and rank your ability to influence others, normally on a scale of 1-100 (Klout and Peer Index) or even 1-1000 (Kred).

It was my view that these sort of utilities are mainly sops to our vanity – it’s fun to see your scores rise when you first take to the social media networks, but, ultimately, of little real value.

I still think that just because one Tweeter has a Klout score of 58, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they have more social media influence than another who scores 37.

However, Klout and, in particular, Kred have recently upped their game in a big way and now do an excellent job of giving you a fast, easy-to-understand picture of exactly how your social media influence works.

What’s more. The service updates in real-time, is interactive and is totally FREE.

Here’s a screenshot of my KredStory taken the other day:


It shows me a huge amount of information including:

  • All the people I’ve interacted with on Twitter recently
  • All my Tweets that have been re-tweeted
  • How many new followers I’ve picked up over the previous month
  • Where most of my followers are based.
  • The most popular hashtags in my Twitter conversations
  • Who mentions me on Twitter and how often
  • … and much more

What’s more, if I click on any of these individual widgets, they become live and show me even more detailed information.

I can see a complete list of everyone who re-tweeted an individual comment and follow any of them, direct from the widget.

I can see the use of any of the hashtags and see what other Tweeters are saying about #desistance or #paymentbyresults.

You can see an abbreviated version of this interactive approach at the bottom of my CV page here.

If you click on the Twitter Bio picture of anyone in the “most mentioned” section, you can see a summary of their Kred Story too.

Why should I sign up?

If you are tweeting in a work capacity, both you and your boss will want to know if you are achieving anything by being on Twitter or whether you are just wasting your (and the company’s) time.

What I find powerful about this new KredStory feature is that you can get an instant visual understanding of what content is proving popular, as well as quickly identifying key Tweeters in your sphere of interest.

The other great feature is that you can see everyone else’s KredStory too – just enter their twittername and within 30 seconds you can have a close look at the online influence of a friend or competitor.

Since I provide training on social media, I tend to review my online influence every month or so. That used to involve me looking at three or four different utilities, now I can get everything in one place, in a form I can understand.

I recommend you check it out, just go to Kred, enter your twittername and give permission to the application.

Let me know if you found it useful in the comment section below.


P.S. In the interests of transparency, I want to make it clear that I have no affiliation with Kred whatsoever and have been offered no inducement to write this post.

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  1. Russell-

    Thanks so much for posting such a positive and comprehensive review of Kred Story. We are really excited about how it makes the world of social data and influence measurement easily understood and accessible to everyone.

    Mia @ Kred

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