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Short prison sentences punish children too

Second post by Lucy Baldwin on her recent research which reveals the traumatic impact on children of their mothers being sentenced to short prison sentences.

2020 women in prison by 2020

00000This is a guest post by Kate Paradine, Chief Executive Officer of Women in Prison. A broken system Since joining Women in Prison at the end of 2015 I have had many reasons to be baffled by the criminal justice response to women and the reality facing the 3,900 women who now sleep in prison on an average night.  Over half of those sentenced are serving short sentences of 3 months or less for minor non-violent …

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Barbara Burton’s story: BehindBras

In the latest turnaround story, Barbara Burton tells how she converted her prison experience into a new fashion social enterprise employing women in prison.

We should end out-dated prison for women

We need a holistic, woman-centred, integrated approach identified in the Corston Report to avoid needless and damaging contact with the criminal justice system.

Disturbing rise in female prisoner suicides

The Prisons & Probation Ombudsman reviews 19 investigations of female prisoner suicides and finds that prisons are still not implementing key recommendations.

Postcode lottery in women’s arrest rates

Important report from the Prison Reform Trust on problem solving approaches to low level offending by women. Great case studies and a coherent way forward.

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