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Tags are what WordPress calls is keywords. I attach a small number of tags to every post to help people navigate between content with the same keywords. Tags may be people (David Gauke say), organisations (The Howard League, Revolving Doors Agency), themes (women offenders, homelessness) or specific items (heroin, cocaine, ROTL). If you’re looking to research a particular issue, they can be invaluable.

Why I Tweet

Livening up your Tweets with multimedia (Probation Wednesday #9)

As I have said before many times in this series, the best way to build a Twitter following is to tweet about interesting things in an interesting way. One of the ways of livening up your tweets and adding variety is by the use of multi-media – or, more simply, putting pictures or video in your tweets. This has always been possible on Twitter but has become much more attractive since the last Twitter upgrade

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Payment by Results

PbR Question Time

There has been growing media coverage of Payment by Results schemes since the New Year, both here and abroad (particularly the USA, Canada and Australia). I’ve updated the free to download PbR resource pack three times this week already. There has been a proliferation of schemes with many scheduled to start delivery in 2012. The PbR approach brings fundamental changes to the way Government Departments commission and pay for public services. This has led to speculation and

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