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Why I Tweet

@LifeinCustody: Why I tweet (WIT#3)

Kim Evans, @lifeincustody, ex-police officer, lawyer and commissioning editor at The Justice Gap, on why she tweets.   Tweets by @LifeInCustody Why I tweet. I joined twitter

Social Media Innovation

Inside Twitter: Tweeting from prison

My recent series on how to make the most of Twitter for workers in the criminal justice system created a decent amount of interest among

On Probation

@ZoeStaffsGMPT: Why I tweet (WIT#2)

@ZoeStaffsGMPT is a well-known probation tweeter, admired for her commitment to her work and the dryness of her wit – she has written movingly about

On Probation

Probation steps out of the shadows

I have long advocated the use of social media in general and Twitter in particular as a way for public services to raise awareness of what

Why I Tweet

@TheCustodySgt : Why I tweet (WIT#1)

@TheCustodySgt is a well-respected police tweeter and blogger. He is, of course, a Custody Sergeant and has 6,000 followers on Twitter. He also runs a well-established,

Why I Tweet

The fine art of the Re-Tweet

Re-tweeting is just a matter of hovering over a Tweet and clicking the re-tweet symbol. So why does it need a whole article for itself?

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