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Tags are what WordPress calls keywords. I attach a small number of tags to every post to help people navigate between content with the same keywords. Tags may be people (Robert Buckland, say), organisations (The Howard League, Revolving Doors Agency), themes (women offenders, homelessness) or specific items (heroin, cocaine, ROTL). If you’re looking to research a particular issue, they can be invaluable.

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Why I Tweet

Make your Tweets stand out from the crowd with Twitter Cards

Twitter is getting busier all the while – there are 175 million tweets on an average day. So how do you make your tweets stand out from the crowd?
Visual impact is increasingly important. Twitter cards are a free function provided by Twitter itself. They automatically embed extracts of a post, photo, video etc – provided the tweet is viewed via an official Twitter client (not a third party client like Hootsuite or Echofon). The key to the process is that word “automatically”.

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