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Tags are what WordPress calls is keywords. I attach a small number of tags to every post to help people navigate between content with the same keywords. Tags may be people (David Gauke say), organisations (The Howard League, Revolving Doors Agency), themes (women offenders, homelessness) or specific items (heroin, cocaine, ROTL). If you’re looking to research a particular issue, they can be invaluable.

Why I Tweet

Get organised on Twitter (Probation Wednesday #8)

It’s raining tweets Once you’ve been on Twitter for a few months and are following a few hundred people (and, I hope, have a few hundred people following you), most people feel the need to get organised. During peak times in working hours, the tweets rain down my timeline at the rate of about one every five seconds. How can I possibly keep up with all these nuggets of wit and wisdom, read all the

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Why I Tweet

How often should I tweet? (Probation Wednesday #6)

How long is a piece of string? How often you tweet is very much a matter for you and what you are trying to achieve by tweeting. If you are a corporate tweeter – i.e. all your tweets are with your work hat on and you are linking to a lot of case studies, press releases etc., then you need to find a happy balance. Especially when you start, if you don’t tweet fairly regularly,

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