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Payment by Results

Is payment by results rocket science?

12 things I learnt from the Policy Exchange PbR Event Policy Exchange hosted a payment by results event on Monday (4 March 2013) to follow up the publication of their PbR and Justice report (reviewed here). There was an impressive line-up of speakers including: Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary Jeremy Wright, Minister for Prisons & Rehabilitation Probation Chiefs Heather Munro & Sarah Billiald Voluntary Sector Chief Execs Paul McDowell (NACRO) & Rob Owen (St Giles

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Payment by Results

Payment by Results is a risky business

This is the second in a series of posts about the five principles of PbR commissioning set out in a recent Audit Commission report.   Principle 2: Understanding risks and accountability One of the principal reasons that the Government (particularly the Treasury) is so keen on the PbR approach is because of the transfer of financial risk away from the public purse. The Audit Commission report helpfully makes it clear that it is not possible

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Digital Engagement

The probation service: public friend

The BBC airs its new three-part drama, Public Enemies, about the relationship between a probation officer and a newly released murderer next Tuesday – Thursday 3- 5 January. It provides a great opportunity for probation trusts to communicate to the general public just exactly what it is the probation service does. I have written previously about how rarely the probation service is featured in film and TV in stark contrast to the police, prison, and

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