Mark Walsh @hantspcmark tweets from the beat

10 years ago we may turn up and deal with an incident and if anyone enquired what was going on we may have responded in a very firm, closed off manner: “Nothing to see here – move along”. These days, where we can and subject to operational requirements, we would tweet about it, sometimes as it happens. Conversations are always taking place and we feel its only right we be involved to ensure people are kept update with the right information.

Police need to have a voice in social media

00000This is the third in a series of posts based on the recent COMPOSITE report on police use of social media across Europe. A police voice in social media The COMPOSITE report found that police use of social media varied markedly across Europe. Every country used social media as a source of criminal information but far fewer have, as yet, adopted the UK approach of developing a strong online presence. The report’s authors put forward a strong …

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Riots, aggravated shopping and 30 years of opportunism

00000This post is by Colin Sumner and was first published on his Crime Talk website which is highly recommended particularly for those with an interest in criminology. The recent UK riots were public disorders waiting to happen. Many of the struts and supports of post-war civic idealism had over the past three decades been kicked away, disregarded or even dismantled. However culpable and predatory the looters were, and two wrongs certainly do not make a right, they were no …

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Funding PbR Outcomes: it’s complicated

00000Some things in life are complicated. Take, for example, deciding the causes of the August riots. The government,  Metropolitan Police and the Guardian/LSE  are just three bodies who have published their analysis recently. Depending on who you listen to, the root cause of the disturbances was: Broken Britain, a lack of family values and feckless parenting OR Social media – particularly the Blackberry messaging service OR The antipathy between young people and the police OR …

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