Do my Tweets make a difference? (Probation Wednesday #10)

00000 This last post in my series on how to get the most out of Twitter looks at assessing the impact of your tweets. Twitter has its own intrinsic pleasures – making new contacts which sometimes burgeon into friendships (both virtual and real-life), discovering new ideas and interests, keeping abreast of the latest news and developments, to name but three. But this series has been aimed at those who are mainly Tweeting with their work …

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The fine art of the Re-Tweet

00000 Re-tweeting is just a matter of hovering over a Tweet and clicking the re-tweet symbol. So why does it need a whole article for itself? Well, re-tweeting is as important as tweeting itself; many of us re-tweet much more often than we Tweet. Why re-tweet? Personally, for every Tweet I make, I re-tweet 13 times as this graph of my last 3,600 Tweets from twtrland shows: There are three main reasons for re-tweeting: One …

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