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Why I Tweet

Probation Hostel @SWMPTrustAPLive on why they tweet (WIT#16)

000000An anonymous tweeter based in a West Midlands Probation Hostel,[email protected], writes about why s/he tweets. Tweets by @SWMPTrustAPLive First steps When I first dipped my toe into the twittersphere …
On Probation

The Probation Mutual Appreciation Society

000000This [email protected] and final post in a series about her life and learning as a probation officer.   This is my final blog folks, and is a tribute to the wonderful …
Why I Tweet

@probation_pract, frontline probation officer, on why he Tweets (WIT#12)

[email protected]_pract is a frontline probation officer who loves Twitter for the chance to engage in country-wide professional debate.   Tweets by @probation_pract Why I Tweet? I am pretty new to the phenomenon …
Why I Tweet

Anonymous probation Tweeter @poofficer on why he tweets (WIT#8)

[email protected] is a frontline probation officer who Tweets anonymously, mainly about the work he does with the offenders/clients he manages. He uses a Twitter profile picture of Zorro, the …
Finally Friday

Advise, Assist and Unfriend

000000Probation officers use social media for many different reasons. Promoting the work of the service. Building alliances with local commissioners and other stakeholders. Discussing best practice around desistance etc. …
On Probation

Probation Firsts

000000This [email protected] post in an ongoing series about her life and learning as a probation officer.   Firsts There’s a first time for everything – especially when you’re working as a …
Digital Engagement

Probation, Innovation & Geovation

000000The government is currently undertaking a review of the probation service and is encouraging probation trusts to be innovative in responding to fundamental change. Jason Davies’s  (@b00tstrapper) post shows that there’s plenty of …
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